Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mr. Tigger Speaks

Hi, I'm Tigger. I have been with mom for 7 years. I had been left off at a college friend's house (she went back after her two children went to college and got a BA degree in Psychology. 4 paws for her). Anyway on with my story. Her friend was going to keep me, until I tried to eat her bird, hey I was just a young fellow. Her husband told her to take me to the pound (ugh!). She told my mom about me and she said, let me take a look at him first. She has a soft spot for cats. We met and it was love at first sight. I came home with her that very day. She had a cat already named Ariel, and after a few hisses and growls, we became buds. She was bossy, but we loved each other. Samantha came along three years later. Ariel and I took her in and raised her as our own. Ariel died in October of 2005 and we all still miss her. Mom tears up every time she sees a picture of her, or a white cat that looks similar. I liked to be petted on my head and belly. I meow very loud when I want in or out. I tell mom "no" when she tries to tell me to do something I don't want to. (Like get off the counter, as the picture shows. You can see who won that battle!!) I have a duck friend named George. We like to stalk each other. I like toys like the new one mom bought, especially with a little catnip and I like the furry play mice. I like to eat the tails of the furry mine and play football with them. I also play with the lizards. Most of them are growing new tails. I am the King of my neighborhood. I'm mostly an outdoor cat and have had my share of fights and bites, but no one comes in my space unless I let them. Our neighborhood is a cul-de-sac with minimal traffic and very few children. Samantha is a chatter mouth, so I mostly let her blog. I'm the strong silent type, but I felt it was my time to be heard from today. My motto is "They call me Mr. Tigger." , but my friends call me Tigger. ""Headbutts"" to all.


Caesar and Princess said...

We loved reading this about you Tigger. we are so happy you are with your forever family and your wonderful little sister Samantha

Daisy said...

Hi Tigger! It is nice to learn all about you. I like lizards, too. A lot. I try not to make their tails fall off, but sometimes I make a mistake. The tails are fun to play with too.

=^..^= said...

Hurrow Tigger!

I'm so glad you found your Mom and your Furever Home. That was a BAD BEAN who wanted to send you to the pound. Do blog more often, ok?