Sunday, November 4, 2007

UPDATE: Easy Like Sunday Morning On the Road with Samantha and Tigger

Update to earlier today: Hello everyone! We are going to visit Tara's Backyard today! Looks like a lot of fun!! Millie is getting homesick! Check out all the stuff Sammy found! And see all the cool places we visited with Kimo & Sabi! We got to visit Skeezix and DaisyMae Maus and Sophia, DKM and the Fluffies and Next we're heading out to see Mickey's Miss Peach! We are also going by Gemini and Chey's place, too!! Thanks Lucky and Roxy for this wonderful adventure! And then we will be heading home! Back to our Mom and Dad! All the company should be gone and we can relax! And THEN we have to get Mom to pose for Dare #3! Hehehehehehehe!!


Mickey said...

This trip has been the best thing I have ever done!!!!!I've met so many friends and saw so many cool places!!!I know Mom is jealous.
Dropping in on Chey,Gemini and Miss Prach before heading home in the train,will be such a blast!!

Fab five said...

We haz never had so much fun az dis road trip! vzitin' all deze other catz iz da bomb! I lovez goin' to da otehr countreez & singin' da karri-oki. I just can't stop singin' now. "Singin' in da rain...."

Dr Tweety

topcatrules said...

Road trips are fun! We might get in Dragan's pink BMW again and go for a spin!

Gemini said...

YEAH! I am so glad to see effuryone! I have tons of stuff to show off!