Monday, February 4, 2008

ManCat Monday with Mr. Tigger-Valentine for Trixie

Trixie, will you be my Valentine?
Your ManCat, Tigger


Skittles, The Huntress said...

How could she say no to such a handsome tabby?


Skittles, The Huntress

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

What a sweet Valentine for Trixie, Tigger.

Alasandra said...

Good luck! I bet she says yes.

Had a great time last night. ~Socks

Trixie said...

Tigger I would LOVE to be your valentine! You look so handsome in that picture. It is rainy here today, so can I come over and snuggle with you?

Your loving girlcat,

Hot(M)BC said...

A romantic guy at heart, huh Tigger? Good deal.
Had a great time at the party yesterday. Fanks for putting it all together.
your bud Pepi

Daisy said...

She said yes! She said yes! Hooray!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Very sweet! How could she say no?

Gretchen said...

Thank you so much for your cute and caring get well card. It was lovely to get so many purrs and prayers and well wishes from your family and all our friends. I know that helped my mom bean get better faster. She's doing better by degrees and is sitting up at the computer more. She still has a long way to go...more procedures and stuff like that. We'll know more tomorrow. Dr. time tomorrow. At least she goes to see her vet willinging. She doesn't have to be put in a carrying cage. Ha!

I'm glad to be visiting my friends again, too.

Hugs... G

The Furry Fighter said...

she would be crazy to deny you, you handsome house-tiger!

thank you for coming to our party at the weekend, we loved having you round! x

The Cat Realm said...

Both your Valentines are soooo beautiful! And you sure do deserve the Deepest Sleeping Award too, hahahahahahahahaha, very great sleeping pictures!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Tigger, how could she possibly resist!

Andrewbun said...

Aww Tigger you look so sweet & sincere you will have a million valentines!

Andrewbun & Mom

jrp said...

Found your blog while following a search to our own! We have a Tigger here too- Really enjoyed your blog!

Sophia said...

I'm sure she'll say yes!

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