Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13 # 32-400th Post Quiz

Wow!! We have already written 401 Posts! So this Thursday 13 will be 13 Questions about Us and the first Cat to get them all right or the most correct will win a prize from us!

We have 2 Winners! PB&J got all the 13 questions right! And Chance got the Bonus Question right!

1. What day was our first post?
2. Who is Samantha's Boyfuriend Cat?
3. Mom's son has a dog, who likes to irritate us when he comes to visit. What is his Name?
4. Mr. Tigger has a furiend who is not of our Species. What is his name?
5. Other than me and Tigger, who gets lots of face time on this blog?
6. What is Samantha's favorite color?
7. Who is Mr. Tigger's Girlfuriend Cat?
8. What is the name of Mom's Cat who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2005?
9. Do we live on the East or West Coast of Florida?
10. What is Mr. Tigger's favorite color?
11. How old is Samantha?
12. What is Samantha & Mr. Tigger's adopted families Blog name?
13. Who was the first person that commented on our Blog?

Bonus Question: What was the first post Mr. Tigger did by himself?

Most of these should be pretty easy to find. Have fun and thanks for being our furiends!


Daisy said...

Wowie! 400+ is a lot of posts. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Meow! That's quite a milestone. We'll have to ask Mom how many we've done, just 'cause we're curious cats!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congrats on all those posts. Like my human could remember 13 things about ME much less any other cat...

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Congratulations on all those pots! Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Concatulations on all your posts. I think we know the answer to some of those questions, but not all!

Chance said...

OKies, I finks I gots it.

1. April 6th 2007
2. Tybalt
3. Maverick
4. Andrew
5. Grand BabyBean
6. Red
7. Trixie
8. Ariel aka Miss Kitty
9. East
10. Green
11. 4 (she'll be 5 on July 31st)
12. The Kitties and Mom
13. Pam (PKS)

Bonus : April 14th 2007 "Hi, I'm Tigger"

Whoo, dat waz tuffer dan I thowt!
Congrats on yur 400th postie!

Tybalt said...

WOW! That's like a treasure hunt!
Did Chance get it??????
*paws crossed*

Samantha, will you be my date for my birthday party?

Thanks for helping me out with the party, Tigger. You're the greatest! Purrs to you both.

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Wow 401 post! Well we think Chance got it, Samantha I'm glad you'll like your prize but I don't know where it goes! hehe ~Queen Snickers

PB & J said...

We think Chance got everything already, but here goes...

1. April 6, 2007
2. Tybalt
3. Maverick
4. Andrewbun
5. The Grand-BabyBean
6. Red
7. Trixie
8. Miss Kitty/Ariel
9. East
10. Blue
11. 4
12. Kitties & Mom
13. Mia and Ghost

What a fun day! Congratulations on you 400th post!

Moki said...

401 posts...wowie, thats alot of posts! Concatulations!