Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carnival Of The Cats #240 with Samantha & Mr. Tigger

We're telling a story all week -- Josie and the Kittens -- the sequel to a story told in May! A MUST READ for all Cats and their humans!! (Sam & Mr. T)
Jasper McKitten-Cat
Do you know what to look for in a Vet? Check it out at
Ark Animals Answer
Hakuna from Blog d'Elisson looks beautiful basking
in the fall sunbeams!
Two Grey's and A Tabby at a local Restaurant!
To find out what these two Cats are up to you have to go see Jams at The Poor Mouth!!
Meet Nosey from anniemiz! Isn't he a handsome Tuxedo!
Check out his latest adventure!
Awwwwww........sunshine on the tummy! Gracie from Manx MNews shows us how to do it right!
Parker from Perfectly Parker is cutter than cute
this Formerly Feral Friday!! We just love your eyes, too!
Jax from Texas Oasis got a pass from the vet, but is pink really his color? Check out his brother Henry, too!
Baby & Tiny from sisu wonder whether an acorn is edible or not! We want to know if it tasted good?
Mr. Jones from Allan Thinks
looks as snug as a bug in a rug!
Nothing is more fun than watching kittens play and House of Chaos seems to have an abundance of them! Check out Conkers and Isegrim below!
Mr. Grr from composite drawlings doesn't look too happy! Wonder why?

Spiders creep Tristan from Tabbylicious massage therapist out, so he took care of it for her! We hope he got rewarded for it!
Oh my goodness, Diamond of the Opera, has 13 of the Scariest Movies ever!!! Which one will be your favorite? We are partial to #10!!!
Meowza & Bazel from Mind of Mog are sharing the faucet for a drink! Check out Cece in his Tux at iInfidel and Meowza's Tummy Tuesday!
Fairy from purrrrrs is taking it Easy Like Sunday and just chillaxin! Sounds wonderful!
This is the beginning of Nicky's Birthday Week at It's All Good! Happy Birthday Nicky and have a wonderful week!
Luna and Amar at CatSynth are taking it easy before the work week starts again! Don't work to hard next week!
Willow from Willow's Cat Blog is getting into the Halloween fun, but she is just too cute to be scary! Boo to you, too!
Thanks for coming to see all the Wonderful Cats at this weeks Carnival and thanks to everyone who partisipated! Next week's host is Niko and Cloud!


Parker said...

Great carnival!

Tybalt said...

Great job, Sammie and Tig!

Anonymous said...

Good work, you guys!