Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging #302 with Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

Sit Back, Relax and Check out this week's
Weekend Cat Blogging Participants!!

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we are adding them as we go!!
Check out Sparkle and her Paws for Japan Success!!
Thanks for helping the Animals in Japan Everyone!!
Why was Mr. Puddy sleeping in the dining room last night?
Someone over at My Cats and Funny Stories thinks someone eats to much!!
We wonder WHO that could be!
ConCATulations to The Anipal Times' 1st Anniversary!!
Cokie the Cat:Hollywood Insider & Snick-the-dog you are Pawsome!!!!
And did we hear someone say PARTY!!!
Over at Kittens 'n Things some Box issues are discussed!!
At our house we have a few of those discussions, too!
Very cute picture of you Bowie!!
As Father Tom of Whisker Messages From A Church Cat says, Big Is Better!! We don't think you need to go on a diet at all!! And the BIG Moon is beautiful!!
Happy Gotcha Day Finny and many, many, many moooore!!!!
Please stop by Finny's place at 2Carolina Cats and celebrate with him!!
Awwwww!!!! We feel a CAT NAP PILE coming on at Jacqueline's Cat House!!!
Can we join you Halle???
We would like to Welcome China to you all!! She is being featured on Catsparella's Blog and she has some wonderful Loaf pictures!!!
Don't know what a LOAF is? Check it out HERE!!!
Nikita from Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussy Cat is our one of the Best in depth Cat Reporters we know!! He always gets to the meat of the Story and brings us all the information we need to know!! And he is never afraid to take on THE BIG GUYS either!! Check out his Latest POST!!!!
WOW SNOW!!!! It looks like loads of fun Pikku Punapippuri!!!
Can we come play in it with you!!
Penelope from Cat from Hell is enjoying watching Kozmo have fun!
Find out what he was doing and why it made us LOL!!!!
Hi Luna!!! Hope your day is going well!! Luna has the cutest Video at! Please go by & Check it out!!
Rusty from Jan's Funny Farm is showing us what they all plan to be doing while on a break!! The Video they have to watch is funny
and will bring a smile to you all!!
We are pleased to meet Tiger & Shadow from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life! If you live near Norwalk, CT, please check these two sisters out!!
They would make a lovely edition to your family!!!!
Awwwwwww!!!!!!! Ginger Jasper (GJ) what very handsome pictures of you!!
You have a Happy Day, too!!
Zulu from Fuzzy Katz you look very comfy on that heat box sleeping spot!! Our Mom says the same things about fur and it getting in stuff!!
Say hello to Luna from us!!

Iza & Ayla at Mark's Mews are relaxing in a spot for two!!
They say Marley is to squirmy when he has been playing!!
We are so glad you all get along so well!!

Have a chillaxin day!!
We are pleased to introduce Avalon Lion from Avalon Cat Cartoons!! He has his own Cat Cartoons and they are LOL!! Please stop by for a Visit!!

Thanks for stopping by at this week's Weekend Cat Blogging!!
We have enjoyed visiting with all our furiends!
Love & Hugs,
Sam, Clem & Mav


Mr Puddy said...

Thank you so much to do this, Sam, Clem & Mav
I wanna give your mom a huge hug and massive purrs for your daddy. I hope he get better so soon.

The Cat From Hell said...

Purrs to your Daddy! This was a fabulous event yous did!

Ariel said...

Thank you for your kind words and prays for my mom....Hugs

Au and Target said...

We like these news roundups. Purrs for your dad.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Uh-oh, we take it by the earlier comments that your dad isn't well. Lots of purrs and tail wags for him to get well soon.

Thanks for including us. You have a good roundup there, including a couple we didn't know. :)

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...


The package I mailed out to you with your 'winnings' from Brighton's Yule Tide Auction just came back to me today (glad there was nothing breakable inside as the box is a little crushed.

Anyway, it said I had an incomplete address and that's why it came back to me. I got your address from the PayPal invoice but can you clarify for me? My email bounced back from jcfloresinc at aol dot com, too

Let me know and I will get it back on it's way to you!

Teri Thorsteinson and Brighton

Hahameow, my word verification was Dented, like the box, I guess!

meowmeowmans said...

That sure was a great roundup! Thank you so much for including us. :)

We luff you guys!!!