Friday, September 7, 2007

Meme Friday-7 P's and CatNip

Thank you all for the kind compliments on our new header. A few of you asked how we did it. We used Picnik, it's free and you don't have to download anything. You can do it through your browser. You can edit photos, fix red-eyes and add special effects and a lot more. It has Samantha's stamp of approval. She says, my Mom can even figure this one out.

7 P's Meme

Here are the rules:
In an attempt to get to know fellow bloggers a little better, this new meme was started called the 7 P’s. Fill out the 7 P’s and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!

Passion: (Sam) My passion in life is blogging, meeting new friends, cats and their beans, and bunnies and finding and sharing different things with them.
(Tigger) My passion in life is Trixie, my family and my blogging friends.

Purpose: (Sam) My Purpose in life is to make my mom happy. (Tigger) My purpose in life is to make mom and Trixie happy.

Pursuit: (Sam) I am in pursuit of a way make money so Mom can stay home with us all the time.
(Tigger) I am in pursuit of a good spot to nap.

Position: (Sam) I am the Queen of this house and I rule with an iron thumb. Got that Tigger!! (Tigger) My position is to have fun, spend time with Trixie and take care of Mom.

Pummeling: (Sam) I pummel the computer screen all the time. I got to get Mom to write what I want. (Tigger) I pummel my toy mouses when I am on nip (more about that below).

Progress: (Sam) I have made a lot of progress this last few months, I blog, I am a reporter for the Tuxedo Gang Hideout and the Cat Blogosphere and I've gotten much better at typing. (Tigger) I have progressed to the point that I am one happy and satisfied Mancat who okay with all arouns me.

Personality: (Sam) I have an outgoing personality, to other cats and grown up people. I don't do little people. (Tigger) My personality is everyone is a friend, until they prove other wise. If they want to pet me, I will come!

CatNip Meme

“All you catsters out there have to list just five things you do whenever you’re on the ‘nip and tag some other kitties afterward! Let’s find out just how wacked out some of us get!”

Our furiend Lux tagged me for this Meme and another furiend Bounce tagged us both! Drats, I was hoping to on tell on Tigger!

1. It makes my eyes really big.
2. I like to roll in it and get it all over my fur.
3. I like to chew the dried buds.
4. It makes me want to chew everything in sight.
5. It makes me so relaxed, that I fall asleep.

1. I love to roll in in and get it on my fur.
2. It makes me very hyper.
3. I bunnykick all my toys and all Mom's hand if it gets near me.
4. I run around like a thunderherd of elephants.
5. I crash and sleep for hours.

We know most everyone has done these, so if you haven't have a go.
We will pick Peach Man, Simone and Scout over at the Peach Pit, 'cause we don't think they have played.

Don't forget the great places to be this weekend: WCB at What Did You Eat. Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos at Kashim and Othello's
The Catboys Realm.
CoTC at Mind of Mog. Friday Ark the Modulator.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tigger thanks for mentioning me in your 9 P's meme. I feel the same way about you (*blush*).

Wanna come over and hang out on the deck today? Mom just filled the birdfeeder and birdbath so there should be a lot of back yard action today.

Nose kisses, Purrs and Hugs,
Your Trixie

The Crew said...

We like your new header. Mom's been thinking about changing ours so we'll make her go look at Picnik.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Love your new header. We are going to play the 7 P's Meme as soon as Mommy has time to help us.
~Scylla & Charybdis

Christine and FAZ said...

Guys - I love your new header - well done. Great mememes as well. Have a bonza weekend. FAZ

Daisy said...

Catnip in the furs is one of the great joys in life!

Gigolo Kitty said...

Making money is the GK's big passion as well. So good to see you!

Jimmy Joe said...

Those are great memes! I learned a lot more about you guys.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Furry Kids said...

'Nip is the best!

Unknown said...

I do a lot of the same things while on nip that you guys do. I love to eat it!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We do da catnip in da furs too! Dad calls us krack heds...we love da nip!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the 'nip! Delightful, delectable stuff! I loved reading your memes, and thanks for the link to picnick! Mom uses another free program named Paint.Net, but she's always open to trying something new!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Two fun memes and lots of great answers! I like both of your Purposes.

Anonymous said...

You really worked hard to do all these memes, lol !

I love your new header well done !!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice header! Interesting meme's...