Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging- Part 2 with Samantha and Tigger

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging-Part 2 At Life With A Cat's Perspective!
Mog is letting Meowza post finally and he is not in trouble this time!
Izzy is not happy with Cece! Find out why at iInfidel!
Cece is out by the plants! While Mom cleans up over at Mind of Mog!
Lyra is forced to share her favorite pillow over at Music and Cats! And another neat kitty nap pile!
Dragonheart's all curled up in his sleeping bag, snoozing on a Nip Ravioli!

Puddy is watching us as she sits under a bush over at A Byootaful Life! She's taking advantage of the wasps on holiday!
Mr. Oliver from Cuisine Guylaine, shows us his opinion of what he thinks about where he is not suppose to sleep! This blog is in French, but can be translated into English!
Kashim & Othello are moving to a new apartment with more room and new places to hide! They are not to sure about it, but Momma says they will love it!
Yao-lin is a Superstar! He has a starring role in the latest CCSI Episode! But have you heard the rumors?
Beautiful Lilly Lu was the Sunday Guest Star at Chey's Place! Go by and find out why!
Yippee!! Yippee!! Snow and Forest got their own blog!! Go by and say HI!!
Zed Monster from Bad Kitty Cats tells us 7 Random Facts about himself! One is that he is the cutest kitty cat ever born!! Go by and read the rest!
LOL Cat Bible Readings over at meeyauw for Advent Sunday and Hunter! So Kitteh Can Has Reelijin!
Felix over at Cinnamon Sweet is so excited about Christmas!! He loves his tree!
Can you guess what Tina over at Foray Into Food's favorite thing to do is?
And Finally, the true reason for the Christmas Season!
Thanks for stopping by at the #130th Edition of Weekend Cat Blogging at Life From A Cat's Perspective! Next weeks host is Sher at What Did You Eat! Part 1 of WCB #130 is HERE!


Tybalt said...

So much going on, and so little time to read! Thanks, Samantha and Tigger. =^_^=

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow, what a lineup yoo guys. Grate job!!!
Sanjee and the Hotties ;)

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Really great post, so much to read.

Katie said...

Thanks for posting the round-up! We're going through it now. :)