Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #200

Welcome to the 200th Edition of Carnival of the Cats!!
Let's start this Carnival Of The Cats #200 with some Wonderful News!

EXTRA! EXTRA! We just heard the NEWS Mao is back home with Skeezix, Rocky and Tripper and okay! And Annie was seen Sunday evening closer to home! The purrs and purrayers of the Cat Blogosphere works!

Check out the Jerusalem Cats from Elms in the yard!

It's a boy over at When Cats Attack! Boy cat that is! Meet Bagheera!

Willow looks so comfy and warm on her red fleece blanket! Shhhh, we'll come back to visit when she is awake!

China Cat stays warm and snoozes in her tent this Sunday Morning!

Meet Charlie the Guest Cat at anniemez! He seems to make his rounds!

Sunday Naps are the best! And at Pet's Garden Blog, they know how to nap well!

It's time to unload the dishwasher at Laurence's Place (IFOC) and Fisky won't be there to help! Our thoughts and puurrrs are with you Laurence, Gina and Nardo! We will miss Frisky, too!

Maddie from StrangeRanger gets tagged for the 7 Weird Things Meme and makes her human give his perspective of her! We must say he does a very good job!

Gypsy tells us his Gotcha Story on Story Sunday at Gypsy & Tasha-Kaz's Cat's blog! We just love Gotcha stories! Whenever a bell rings a Kitty gets a forever home!

Tigger says lets all take a break and play kick the ball around the room!

Dragonheart and Merlin are both Sphynx and they share their similarities and differences with us!

Someone is trying to impersonate Rocky at Artsy Catsy and take over his Mom! Looks like he's brought the FBI into it!

Luna at CatSynth has the wide-eyed look down to a fine art! She's quite the model, too!

Who is guilty at This, That & The Other Thing? Kosmo, Mouse and Amber are mum on the subject!

Does music make your cat's spaz? Susan at Logical Expressions has seen first hand what it does to her cats!

Eric and Flynn are just hanging around for this Mancat session of pictures and boy are they the Cat's Meow!! Eric is so laid back and comfy and that ferocious look that Flynn gave laser eyes and all!

As we continue on, we want to thank everyone for their posts this week!

Tasha from Gypsy & Tashsa-Kaz's Cats told us 7 weird things about herself! They don't sound to weird to us! How about to you?

Nikita from Musings of a Mad Macedonian gave Daddy some advice on voting and well... Go see how well he took it!

Aloysius from Catymology's favorite song is , "Snow, snow, go away, come again next year...." Winter snow stinks!

Check out this weeks LOL: Cat Bible Readings at meeyauw and after you finish find out How-To make a Poster like Pansy's!

Mini from The House of the Mostly Black Cats was furry disappointed when she found out that she had to share the package that came in the mail! Go check out all the cool toys they got!

Puddy from A Byootaful Life has found the purrfect free toy!! But it is one that causes Katie a lot of work! Go check it out!

Oh my goodness, there is just so many things happening on the Cat Blogosphere this week!

Meowza is Wordless and shows off the tummy and Izzy is a sleeping Mancat at Mind of Mog!

The old litter box or the new litter box! That is the question Amber, Kosmo and Mouse have at This, That & The Other Thing!

Find out the latest tidbit on Maximum Leader KT Cat at the Scratching Post! Us cats want to know!

Babe from sisu inspects a low lying branch and shares a few links with us!

Let's see Charley + Sawyer + Rafe + Rico + Rhett = Traffic Jam on the Stairway at No Deep Thoughts!

Spike and Boo from Watermark share their favorite Cat Links! Our favorite is the $22,000 Cat!

This is such an exciting Carnival! So many Cats and their Posts!

Maus at Composite Drawings wonders if excessive cat cuteness will convince Grammaw to clean out her inbox so so she can sleep on top again!

Texas Oasis we have a fully Accessorized Cat!

Blog d'Elission, shares a memorial to Frisky, that brought tears to our eyes!

Petite Powder from Perfectly Parker has surprised everyone with her new BIG & BAD attitude!

Abby from Manx MNews
couldn't get into the ROOM! Find out why!

A contract is a contract and
Ferdinand from The Conservative Cat says the human must follow all the rules, but Bruce is a cat and and we all know they do their own thing, so what are we humans to do?

Wow! Check out all the cool stories below!

Charlotte from purrparazzi is waiting for her Surrogate Mom to come home from a trip. Please go by and say hi!

Mimi at Poor Mouth was 4 on Jan. 11! Let's go by and wish her Happy Birthday!!

Grace was tagged with a Meme of 7 weird things about herself!

Meet Buffet and expatriate cat living in the Persian Gulf!

A Piano Playing Cat named Nora is playing her solo over at the GrrlScientist Blog. This has to be seen!

Someone is not feeling well at The House of the Hotties and Gree is getting ready to go see Othello!

Next weeks Carnival of the Cats # 201 is going to held by Missy, KC, Sol and Smokey!


JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Hi Guys,
What is carnival of cats? Can I play too?

Anonymous said...

Carnival of the Cats is a "Happening"!

Hee, hee! ;-D

Thanks for including me, and you did a great job!

One thing, though:

Daddy says it's OK to refer to my place on his Blog as "Nikita's Place" seeing as my Personal Archive acts as a "Blog within the Blog" and has its own URL, too! ;-D

He doesn't mind that no-one mentions the main blog in relation to me. ;-D

Rahel Jaskow said...

I sent a post. It's here.

R. said...

I thought I sent one in. Maybe not. *shrug*

sammawow said...

We just wanted to say what a terrific Carnival you hosted. We really liked all the different colors for each cat!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for putting up my post!