Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos #53-Optional Theme Christmas in July

Welcome to BKCFOC #54-Optional Theme
Christmas in July
Mommie ML and Auntie Deb are taking a break! Please leave them a Purr or two HERE!
Check out Arthur from My Cats and Funny Stories!
He has caught something and wants to keep it all for himself!
What is Kismet from TacJammer looking at so intently? Hummmmmm!
Mouse (Above), Sox and Cubby at This That and The Other Thing are on Strike! Go find out why!!!
Mr. Tigger and I are celebrating Christmas in July and Doodle Week! And there is that darn Doodle Bug getting bigger every day!
What is Boo from Manx MNews doing? And what is that behind her?

Phillip (the cat) and Amber (in the corner) from Cat Yarns are resting! Amber was showing off her dancing skills and now it 's time to rest!
Cece over at Mind of Mog loves Mog because of something she does!
Meet Zorro from House of Chaos! He is Lord and Master of all he Beholds and there may be a little envy at his home!
Meet Buddy from 2 Carolina Cats, he looks like he is getting hugs, but we don't know! The Hotties Mom visited with them all on her vacation! And check out where THE MOM'S went! Whoo Hoo!
Tinker and the Cat Street Boyz really know how to celebrate Christmas in July! See it Here and Here!
Willow from Willow's Cat Blog shares her Christmas in July with us, too! What are those grey things she is playing with?
China Cat spent her Easy Like Sunday Morning relaxing with her bunny pal! Find out where!

If you are interested in exchanging Christmas in July gifts, please sign up at
Purs n' Snorts!

Next Weeks Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos is at Pet's Garden Blog with the Bengal Brats!
If you sent in a post and it's not here, please leave a link in the Comment section and we will add you! Thanks everyone for participating!


Jans Funny Farm said...

We love your doodle header graphic. You sure did enjoy doodling, didn't you?

Thanks for inviting us over.

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Way cool Sam n Mr Tig! Fanks for hostin! It looks grate!
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

mog said...

Great job, thanks for hosting such a nice festive festival. :)

sammawow said...

Thanks for hosting such a terrific Festival!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Cat Street Boyz said...

Thanks for including us in your Festival!=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz