Monday, May 16, 2011

Carnival Of The Cats #374 at Life From A Cat's Perspective

We are dedicating this Carnival to Mr. Tigger!!

Come One & Come All To Check
Out The Most
Wonderful Cats Of All!!!

Help Daddy Kiril at Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat get to this Year's Blog Paws!!! Check it out

Nikita also reports on a unique controversy that some cats are causing in Garden Grove, CA!!! And on how an Old Cats Seek new readers!! Thanks for the great reporting Nikita!!

Mistress Elvira also from Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat shows us some excellent examples of Patriotic Pussies who have helped in Military service to our County!! We are very proud of these Cats and the wonderful job you did Elvira!!

Over at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life we want you to meet Patches!! A beautiful Kitty Girl who is looking for a Forever Home!!! Please contact her HERE if you are interested in becoming her new Family!!

Next meet The Shower Cat over at House of Humble!! Seeby's Humans think he may be an alien!! Check it out HERE and judge for yourself!!!

Oh my gosh!! Here is the latest Avalon Cat Cartoon!! We just love these and hope you do, too!!

Do you know your Mothertongue!! Find out what that is from Arthur and Rosie from My Cats and Funny Stories!! It's very interesting for sure!!

CatSynth is showing us a Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt Missed picture of Morty!! His story is pretty cool!! Hi Luna & Amar!!

Mr. Puddy has the Best News EVER!!! Please go by and Congratulate him!! Way to go Mr. Puddy!!!

Athena the Torbie Cat has a pretty cool NEW Hiding Place!! And one that looks like lots of fun!! Can we come play?

Tuesday the 10th of May was the 5th Annivesary of Ivy coming to live with StrangeRanger! Happy Belated Gotcha Day Ivy and many more!! Check her out HERE!!!!

Awwww!!!!! Check out the pretty cool Collage at Watermark!!! It just makes us want to squeeeee at the cutie pictured!!

And finally it's a cute picture of Meowza!! Showing off his lovely tummy for his Lady Cat!! Please stop by and give him a pet!!

Thanks for coming by today and Celebrating Mr. Tigger's Birthday!! Next week's Host of COTHC will be CAT SMRT!!!

PS: If we missed your post, please leave a comment and we will add you!!

Love & hugs,
Samantha, Clementine & Maverick


Anonymous said...

A wonderful job!

Thanks 4 hosting!

Great tribute to Mr. Tigger, too!

Nikita Cat said...

OK, you senile old coot, it WOULD help if you put your name to your comment, Jeez!

So here it is again, hee, hee! ;-D

A wonderful job!

Thanks 4 hosting!

Great tribute to Mr. Tigger, too!