Friday, February 6, 2015

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Hi, I’m Rags (aka Ragsdale). You’d never know it by reading about me, but I’m simply a figment of author, Patricia Fry’s imagination. I star in the Klepto Cat Mystery series—yup, I’m the klepto cat. You see, I have this knack for “finding” things that matter—the guys at the local sheriff’s office call some of them clues.
    My life is pretty interesting most of the time, because my “mom and dad,” Savannah and Michael Ivey, bring around some interesting people. They also take me places. Recently, the whole family stayed in a beach house together for a week. Boy did I have fun running around on the beach. Oh, I’m not supposed to go outside by myself, but I’m kind of an expert at finding my own way to the great outdoors. They call me Houdini. That week, I even rode a bus. I got off when I saw a lot of people gathered around eating fish. I actually knew some of them and they told the security guard where I lived. He didn’t have to drive me home and embarrass me like that—especially before I finished eating.
    I live with a dog and two other cats who spend a lot of time sleeping and grooming themselves. I’m the only working-cat in the family. I’ve had a lot of different jobs and responsibilities. I was a therapy cat, helping children learn to read better. I was once cat-missioned to go where no human could go and retrieve stolen gems. My klepto habit helped to rescue a friend from cat hoarders, I helped save my horse buddy, Peaches from rustlers, and I kept a catnapper from taking Buffy, our fluffy, foo-foo cat. I hope the claw marks I left on that guy never heal!
One night, Michael and Savannah took me to the sheriff’s office and I paw-dentified someone in a line-up. They say I have an unusual cat-bility to snoop. In fact, a film crew came to the house a while back and made a documentary about me. I got to go to the premiere at a big mansion—gosh, it was fun exploring that place. I’m not sure we’ll be invited back, though.
I’m a regular cat, like most of you, only I adore car rides, going to the vet (Savannah and Michael are both veterinarians), socializing, and traveling. Read more about me and my friends in the Klepto Cat Mysteries, available at and
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    Sounds fascinating!

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    not sure if you read our blog, but we have been reviewing the entire series and have been having give-aways for all of her books (wink)

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    I won book 2 from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.