Friday, April 6, 2007

Every day is a Great adventure!!

Hi, I have decided to take over CF's blog, she is so busy taking care of Rose, our loved one with Alzheimer's, that I decided to tell you about life from a cat's perspective. We see things much differently than you two-legged creatures. Sorry if anything is misspelled, my paws are bigger that your fingers and some times I may miss the right letter. We live in Florida on the East coast. We being, CF and Jim, Rose, Tigger and me or should I say I? Today is a beautiful day and I just woke up from my nap. One of my favorite things to do. CF is in the other room and she doesn't know I'm in here typing away. So I don't have much time to finish. Today is just to introduce myself and let you know I am here and will write more later. Oh no, here she comes. See ya!!!!!!

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