Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Is it Friday Yet?

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Mom is having a bad day. I think she is tired. The visit with the brother-in-laws went very well. Gma Rosie was happy to see all her sons together and they all had a great time. Lots of fun and laughter. But you know how tiring it can get when you have company. Hey, I spent the whole weekend under the bed. Too bad, mom couldn't come under there with me. Like my new basket. It's pink. It fits better then the other one I used in an earlier picture on my blog. I've become a member of the Pink Ladies and the Tuxedo Gang. Check out my links on my side bar. I'm still having trouble making the pictures link back, so I'm making links above them. If anybody can give me some help, I'd appreciate it. I've read the directions, but it just isn't clicking. I'm going to curl up on mom's lag and give her some purrs.

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=^..^= said...

A lot of work must haf gone into doing up the linkies. Fank you fur linking us. We haf linked you on our bloggie too. *headbutts*