Friday, August 3, 2007

Samantha Says Thank You

Hi Everyone! I just want to thank my Mom and Tigger and Everyone for the Surprise Party for my Puurthday!! And Thank all of you for coming and wishing me Happy Birthday! Check out the great cards and presents I got:
Peach Man
Bounce, Lucy and Trixie
Tuxedo Gang Hideout

I got this neat Boogie Mat, you put catnip in it and fun!

It's cool to play with and Tigger and I give it our seal of approval.

While Mom was putting the Kitty Condo together, I was investigating the box!

Mom thought I was more interested in the box than the condo!

The Kitty Condo is nice and soft. Have to give it the sniff teat.

Checking it out and it was cool!
Geez Mom, can't you see that is Tigger's back side and not mine!!
Opps, I'm bad.!! Mom


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh you got grate goodies Samantha! Boxes are the best. hehehe

Emma's Kat said...

Happy belated b-day Samantha! I wanted to be there w/my crew, but just didn't make it! Sorry I missed it, but it looks like you had a great surprise day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha, we're furry glad that you liked all your presents. Dat was a great birthday party!

Has Tigger come out of the ice box yet?

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Those are great presents, Samantha. :) Both the Kitty Condo and the Boogie Mat look terrific! :) Sorry I couldn't make your party, but we were all asleep here in Munich when it took place.

Anonymous said...

I am so mad at mom I may poop in her shoe.I can't believe I missed your party.I very sorry mom's been babysitting and she forgets I need to visit my friends blog.I hope you forgive me.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

These are very wonderful gifts~!!! I think everyone loves you, even delay one or two, but everyone bless you have a good great birthday party~!

*kiss from Adan*

Anonymous said...

Hi Tigger, Yes you can use any picture from our blog that you like. Please come over this afternoon and we can stare out the window together and think of "our song".

Hugs purrs and nose kisses,

Samantha, I would love to go ice skating. I'll teleport over right away! Can't wait to see all the handsome mancats on skates.

Yore friend,

Daisy said...

Samantha, you sure got some very wonderful presents! And your party was lots of fun. Did any of the colorful lizards get away?

Mosaic Cats said...

That kitty condo ROCKS! We want one! We want everything we see here in the Cat Blog Sphere (except for strollers. Do Not Want!)
We're so sorry we missed your birthday, and thanks so much for wishing Bianca a happy one today.
You are very loving and giving kitties.
Thank you for your fur-friendship!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We had a grate time at yoor party! Yoor rite we shood do a chatzy get together just because...we cats haf so much fun togeffur!

Kat 3 said...

Happy very belated birthday, from all of us Morning Scratchers!!!

-Kat3, Sara, Bogdan and the Investor